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Policy Briefing: Consumer Safety & Regulation

CRTC, CBSC ensuring Canada’s high standards for consumer choice maintained

‘Technology is the key driver in shaping market forces and competitive opportunities,’ says CRTC’s Leonard Katz.
‘Most Canadians would likely have been surprised to know that until our government took action recently, the government of Canada did not have the authority to order a recall of dangerous consumer products from store shelves.’
Bill S-11 ‘will be able to address certain food safety concerns, such as tampering, traceability and select import controls that are not covered by current legislation.’
‘Thanks to Bill C-38, a range of decisions that used to run the normal course of regulation-making will no longer receive the public and Parliamentary oversight,’ says Elizabeth May.
‘There’s a lack of oversight. If the CRTC steps into this, we’ll actually see the oversight we need on a national scale when it comes to telecom companies,’ says NDP MP Glenn Thibeault.
Retailers want choice in their payment system infrastructure, but the Conservative government is ignoring them, says NDP MP Glenn Thibeault.
‘Our view of the government’s role is to set overarching principles and a healthy regulatory environment for payments so that competition and innovation can take place,’ says Finance Minister Jim Flaherty about the Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Industry.
Competition Tribunal to rule on credit card interchange fees this fall.
‘The Safe Food for Canadians Act is the linchpin of our efforts to ensure the safety of all food products sold in Canada or exported by Canada, no matter what the source,’ says Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz about S-11.
‘If you’re having a regulatory discussion, there’s a huge imbalance between supplier interest and consumer interest,’ says Consumers Council of Canada.
‘We lend money to people who will pay it back. That’s Banking 101,’ says Canadian Bankers Association president Terry Campbell.

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