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Policy Briefing: Environment

Petro-politics heats up following Enbridge fine

More than 100 projects slated for Alberta oil industry in the next decade, but environmental groups say the 2010 Enbridge spill is one more reason to put the breaks on development.
Human-induced global warming is real and is scientifically substantiated—it is not a hoax or a conspiracy as some would lead us to believe.
But opposition MPs say a real plan would mean renewed scientific input and an environmental review of Bill C-38.
Canada requires a comprehensive national sustainable energy strategy and can’t afford to watch from the sidelines, Senators told.
It is a blitzkrieg of bad news as cutbacks and program cancellations hit the core areas of federal responsibility to protect nature.
The bottom line is that our world-renowned natural heritage is at risk, and being further imperilled by a government that is destroying 50 years of safeguards through Economic Action Plan 2012 and the passage of its over 400-page omnibus budget bill, 150 pages of which were devoted to destroying environmental oversight.
Environment Minister Peter Kent says regs will have rigour, but environmentalists say changes to Fisheries Act and CEAA 2012 weaken habitat protection, ignore oilsands development and undercut public consultation.

Environment Minister Peter Kent tells The Hill Times that Canada’s 2020 GHG emissions target is ‘still ambitious,’ plans to announce new sector-based regulations on coal-fired electricity in coming weeks.

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