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Policy Briefing: University and College Research Policy Briefing
Canada must not be left behind. And Canada’s global competitiveness cannot be compromised, writes Amy Karam. Image courtesy of Flickr

Canadian government needs to have a more unified China strategy across all domains including innovation and research direction

Opinion|Amy Karam
5G research is an opportunity for the Canadian government to take a page out of the Chinese playbook and increase its involvement in order to secure innovation leadership and economic growth.
Opinion|Ted Sargent
There is no better time for Canadian scholars to think globally, and no better time for the government to support their efforts.
When our unjustly detained Canadians are returned to us, we can expect Canada-China relations to begin to improve, and academic collaborations will be one of the important bridges for that reconciliation. In the meantime, each collaboration should be assessed carefully for benefits to Canada, risks to our IP, and the safety of our researchers and students in China.
The economic anxiety felt by young Canadians is not artificial or misplaced. Failing to adequately locate and address the economic causes of anxiety in Canada’s young people is tantamount to feeling around in the dark for our future. It’s long past time for this issue to be given the thought and attention that it deserves.
Opinion|Digvir Jayas
If institutional costs are to be funded jointly by federal and provincial governments then first ministers should discuss such matters regularly and develop a national joint funding model.
Opinion|Emily Eaton
We will only make our universities more transparent by working to reduce corporate partnerships and industry links, for a university that acts like a corporation cannot be transparent at all.
It's the persistent use by the Chinese Communist Party of its students here as shock troops in propaganda warfare and its persecution of Canadians it considers dissidents.
Education must be seen in this light, not as a burden to our society but as the essence of building our modern inclusive society. Countries like Germany, Sweden, and Finland have free tuition and have thriving modern economies, and there is no reason that Canada cannot be a leader in education  as well.
Opinion|Paul Dufour
As the very nature and conduct of research evolves, the policy experiments will no doubt continue for supporting talent, knowledge and discovery. The research chairs remain important, but they are merely one element of the country’s expanding ecosystem for knowledge creation and dissemination.

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