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Policy Briefing: Defence Policy Briefing

DND ‘adapting to fiscal realities,’ says MacKay

Defence Minister confirms that reductions will affect Canada First Defence Strategy goals, but so far civilian staff, health research among the first to face defence cuts.
Observers say the Conservatives’ hawkish foreign policy has hurt diplomatic influence.
Author Noah Richler says Canadians must reflect before allowing governments to urge them to war.

A hallmark of any democracy is ensuring there is civilian oversight and authority over the military. In this case, both the civilian bureaucrats and ministers abdicated these responsibilities.
Yet Prime Minister Stephen Harper appears to defining our role in two ways: trade and military hardware.
Based upon the last five years of non-answers, avoidance and evasion, the Harper government seems to be incapable of answering the fundamental question—why stealth?
The Canadian Navy will begin looking at options to replace Canada’s troubled Victoria Class submarines by 2016, just three years after the fleet is scheduled to be fully operational.
But critics say the new Public Works National Fighter Procurement Secretariat will be led by the same top bureaucrats who led the F-35s process.
Defence Minister Peter MacKay says the world is also dealing with unpredictable, diverse traditional and asymmetric threats that range from global terrorism and piracy, to the pursuit and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
Despite the announcement that Canada will withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by 2014, Defence Minister Peter MacKay says that the Afghanistan-Pakistan region remains a threat to global security.

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