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Policy Briefing: Canada’s Financial Sector

Economic uncertainty, high household debt cools consumer confidence

Feds look to curb CMHC lending with budget bill provisions.
In Canada and across OECD countries, the middle class is under threat. New technologies in the workplace are driving changes in our labour market. More and more jobs—both blue collar and white collar—can now be done by computers, either here at home, or overseas.
Either or both the Senate Banking Committee and the House Finance Committee should make a commitment to initiating a special study to undertake the thorough review of the financial system.
Critics say Financial System Review Act a ‘missed opportunity’ to improve consumer protection, regulation.
Buoyed by the Canadian brand, the country’s largest banks are expanding operations in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, but say the ‘extraterritorial reach’ of U.S. regulation is a barrier to future growth.
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty calls the government’s 2009 economic action plan his greatest achievement in government.

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