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Policy Briefing: Agriculture Policy Briefing

Food and food safety top-of-mind

Meanwhile, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has a credibility problem.
As the world’s seventh largest arable land area, we are exceptionally placed to profit from this boom in food sales. Canada’s economic equivalent of Silicon Valley could run across the Prairies. Yet, for all its posturing, the Conservative government is squandering this opportunity.
Restrictions on genetically-modified produce continue to keep the sector from tapping into European markets.
The marketplace is becoming more demanding and innovation is becoming tougher, says David McInnes, president and CEO of CAPI.
Canada’s current export-heavy agenda will need a more balanced approach that relies on environmentally and socially responsible practices. We must also maintain important and longstanding domestic support for agriculture, such as supply management.
The CWB was one stellar example of a public agency in the public interest, run with efficiency, focus, democratic values, and professionalism. But when ideologues begin attacking such institutions with little evidence or justification, all Canadians should be concerned.
That is a good thing and long overdue. When I was farming, the last thing I wanted was to be paid for my product with a government cheque. I was happiest and proudest when the market paid me what it was worth. Today’s farmer is no different.
Federal investments in agricultural funding R&D on emissions reductions, food processing.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz tells The Hill Times that there would be ‘no changes’ to frontline food inspection, but emerging details of ‘streamlining’ at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency tell another story.
Prairie farmers will find out if marketing freedom is good for business come August.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says that the government is focused on fostering agricultural innovation and securing market access for Canadian farmers.

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