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Policy Briefing: Transportation and Infrastructure

Canada: stuck in traffic on the road to the future

Ottawa’s new long-term infrastructure plan must fight traffic gridlock and cut rising commute times.
Now is the time for leaders to lead when it comes to making Canada’s transportation system safer.
Senate Transport Committee studying ‘emerging issues’ related to the Canadian airlines.
Canadian competitiveness and our status as a developed country depends on modern infrastructure.
In asserting that oil supertankers can safely traverse B.C.’s northern coastal waters, the PM is ignoring evidence.
Since 2009, the government has increased Transport Canada funding for railway oversight, increasing the number of inspectors, engineers, data analysts and other specialists to enhance the safety of Canadians when traveling by train.
B.C.’s coastline could see even more traffic after Transport Canada determined that tankers can move Alberta bitumen from the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline ‘safely.’
If Canada wants to be a competitive player in the international trucking industry, the federal government must act now, say stakeholders.
CUTA and FCM say communities are feeling the squeeze, now looking to the feds to deliver on long-term infrastructure strategy by 2014.

Federal Transport Minister Denis Lebel highlights the importance of public transit, commercial transport and regulatory reform to Canada’s future prosperity.
These north-south links need even greater high-level government attention and support through bilateral negotiations and discussions. 
Shippers and railways well-positioned to benefit from Canada-U.S. action plan, but divided over federal involvement in commercial dispute resolution.

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