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Policy Briefing: Health Policy Briefing
Cannabis literacy has been inconsistent among critical knowledge groups, whether for employers, health professionals, or within families. Photograph courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Edible cannabis: countdown to the rocket launch

Health Canada has proposed regulating edibles that allow a maximum of 10 mg of THC per portion. However, it will take considerable literacy and self-awareness to gauge individual dose responses.
For the Trudeau government and its 'ban' on asbestos in Canada, it is still okay to dig up millions of tons of asbestos tailings that will emit billions of toxic fibres into the air.
The $150-million pledge is the largest commitment to health research in the federal budget.
In the fragmented system, we don't even have access to data on prescribed drugs to assess if physicians’ prescribing habits are in line with best medical evidence, or if they are simply the results of drug companies’ promotional campaigns.
To further reduce the likelihood of an overdose, and offer people who use drugs an opportunity to better cope with their addiction, serious consideration should be given to managing the supply of drugs they consume.
To wipe out TB in Canada’s Indigenous populations, we need a big boost in their general health and social conditions.
Despite recent gains from the government, mental health parity remains an elusive target, not helped by the transfer system's scattershot approach.
The key metrics of reducing deficits and GDP growth don’t matter if Canadians have worsening health and mental health outcomes, or if we don’t have proper supports when we hit hard times.
No Canadian woman should ever lose her life simply because she wasn’t screened for breast cancer in time.
Opinion|Stan Kutcher
We need to focus on improving Canadians’ mental health literacy.
On everything from dementia to pharmacare and autism, the Liberals offer a disappointing plan.
Opinion|Marika Morris
The Inuit TB Elimination Framework recognizes the need to improve social and economic conditions to eradicate TB, but the dollars put toward Inuit housing, health, education and economic development do not even meet the current needs, let alone the needs of a growing population.
Canadians need a vaccination policy that is consistent across all provinces and territories, as well as a national database that allows for vaccination rates to be collected, recorded and monitored from coast to coast to coast.

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