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Policy Briefing: Green Economy Policy Briefing
Opinion|Tessa Hebb
Designing the supports to overcome these challenges will be key to unleashing the potential of private capital to deliver the much-needed infrastructure our businesses, communities, country and indeed planet will need going forward.
Our forests are a valuable legacy and we want to ensure they remain healthy now and for decades to come, so that future generations can benefit from their environmental and economic services as we do today.
News|Neil Moss
In a wide-ranging Q&A, Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi discusses the energy transition, the Liberals investment in the green economy, and the impact of joining the International Renewable Energy Agency.
Opinion|Maya Papineau
Improving our climate resilience would likely mean we will spend less on disaster response because it would help us anticipate shocks, mitigate the damages and help us bounce back from them faster.
Opinion|Leslie Shiell
Do your homework before rushing to the microphones to announce new policies, writes Leslie Shiell.
Opinion|Ken Coates
Without a realistic plan for going forward, it is inappropriate to impose regulations, taxes and other government measures that could undermine the existing Canadian model in favour of a green economy plan that lacks focus, details, and a realistic hope of sustaining jobs, livelihoods, opportunities, and one of the world’s most enviable standards of living.
Opinion|Ben Parfitt
Wise public policy dictates that we tax forest carbon emissions where appropriate and then reinvest those funds in restoring our forests, which in Canada are almost entirely publicly owned.The current climate crisis provides all the justification Canada needs to do so.
Our federal and provincial governments should take the lead in adopting a consumption-based accounting approach as an alternative—or secondary—way to measure greenhouse gas emissions. Canada should also encourage other nations to do the same, in an effort to truly reduce global emissions rather than just shifting among jurisdictions.
By using more wood in construction, we can take carbon out of the atmosphere and store it in buildings. It is estimated that a cubic metre of wood removes one tonne of carbon from the atmosphere.
Getting to a green economy may not be easy. But it absolutely requires shutting down the fossil fuel economy, building equity, and embracing a better future.

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