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Policy Briefing: Innovation
The Cherry Street lift-bridge in the Toronto Port Lands district, pictured in 2017. The area is the subject of Sidewalk Toronto’s smart-city redevelopment project. Photograph courtesy of Jeff Hitchcock

As smart cities become our norm, we must be smart about a data strategy

Opinion|Teresa Scassa
Toronto’s Quayside development isn’t the first municipal project to use technology to gather data about infrastructure and human activity. Other projects haven’t attracted the governance debates that enfold Quayside—but perhaps they should.
In a Q&A, the innovation minister also says a report on federal digital and data consultations should be released in the 'coming weeks.'
Provincial and state governments play an important role in investing in and sparking innovation in places like Ontario, Alberta, and Texas.
Experts say they are excited about microgrids' potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy resilience.
The Trudeau government has left people in rural and remote areas to fend for themselves when it comes to internet connectivity. We’ll ensure that they have the internet access they need to get ahead.
Opinion|Mark Robbins
Canada’s ambition should be redirected into avenues that can likely bear fruit and that will successfully play to our competitive advantages. AI-enhanced government is one bright spot.
Canadian consumers do not need another charm and public relations offensive while the cost of living poses a major threat to their quality of life.
Opinion|Aaron Shull
Building the technologically enhanced society we want will take global co-operation.
One expert says it will be years before the public could reasonably say how successful the Liberals' flagship superclusters program will be.
‘There's a very strong feeling that we can't have the wild west of data,’ says innovation expert Arvind Gupta.
Half of all jobs in Canada will be automated or significantly changed due to automation in the next decade, and though concentrated in certain areas, no sector will be immune.
Opinion|David Wolfe
Canada’s challenge is that businesses have been slow to recognize the extent of the digital transformation, invest in software, and adopt new technologies.
From helping kids learn to code to providing new sources of capital for large projects, our aim is to drive productivity.
Despite innovation-related initiatives that span generations, political parties, and governments, we’re still not getting a globally competitive return on our investment.
While 5G is making headlines, there are still communities in this country struggling for any reliable internet connection.

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