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Policy Briefing: Law, Legal Issues and Security

Feds making streets and communities safer for all Canadians

There is strong support for Bill C-10 in every corner of the country. Canadians have been clear that they want their government to get tough on crime. 
The Parliamentary Budget Officer is working quickly to complete a more detailed projection, but he has to work largely in the dark because the government has failed to provide adequate information about the potential cost of the bill.
In the weeks ahead, representatives in other provinces and territories who would rather not raise taxes or cut social services that have defined Canada for generations to fund the ineffective incarceration binge of their federal cousins need to stand in their place and be counted.
The idea of a perimeter security agreement between Canada and the United States has raised fears that Canadians’ privacy protections could be compromised to ease trade while ensuring security. Greater security doesn’t have to come at privacy’s expense. 
But U.S. security analyst warns that Western governments losing ground on cyber attackers
Reducing crime, holding criminals fully accountable for their actions, and putting the safety and security of law-abiding Canadians first in Canada’s justice system is our government’s first priority.
But costs to privacy and sovereignty, benefits to trade remain unknown to Canadian public.
The most important influence on national security remains globalization. National security must first be considered within the context of globalization and then only through the discrete lens of specific issues such as terrorism.
Justice and Public Safety’s five-year estimate covers only a fraction of omnibus crime bill’s measures.

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