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Policy Briefing: Health

Senate Social Affairs, Science and Technology Committee continues its hearings on 2004 Health Accord progress
on Hill

Witnesses report limited success in implementation of accord, urge federal engagement ahead of 2014.
Brian Postl tells Senate Social Affairs Committee that volumes have increased across the country, but hospitals haven’t changed how they do business very much. He says this has to be the focus of any future change.
Commitment to practice improvement from the thousands of clinicians who get up each morning and provide care is essential. The alignment of legislation, regulation, and policy also matters. As the studies show, federal investments are economically sound, and from a patient care point of view, they are a game-changer.
The provinces and health-care organizations are urging the Prime Minister to convene a first ministers’ meeting on health care. There has been no such meeting since 2005. Accountability and progress are impossible without this type of collaboration.
Chronic diseases cost the Canadian economy $190-billion annually for medical treatment and for large scale loss of productivity.
We are committed to achieve this goal through a universal, publicly-funded health-care system and to the Canada Health Act.
Statistics indicate stress and mental illness common in workplace, Mental Health Commission prepares mental health strategy for 2012.
With Health Accord set to expire in 2014, health-care providers look to federal government to lead federal-provincial health care collaboration.

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