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Policy Briefing: The Green Economy

Oliver wants Canada to be leader in green technology development

Critics say Canada isn't doing enough, but newly-elected Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver says Canada is already a world leader in investing and deploying clean energy technologies.
But critics say inconsistent funding for green industries and uncoordinated federal-provincial policies remain obstacles to sustainable development.
Now that environmental policy is focused primarily upon the climate change impacts of fossil fuels, the two policy fields of environment and energy are inherently, inescapably interconnected. The feds should get on board.
Policymakers in Germany understood that and today Germans are reaping the benefits of their foresight in the form of cutting-edge innovation, superior global competitiveness, and hundreds of thousands of quality jobs. Canada should get on board.
Former Toronto mayor David Miller says cities can only do so much to promote a green economy without Ottawa's support.
As Canada strives to green its economy and take advantage of the immense global clean-tech opportunities in front of us, we need to view SMEs as one of our greatest strengths. It pays off.
Comprehensive climate action should include developing a cap-and-trade system, eliminating subsidies for dirty energy, and providing incentives for low-carbon technologies and infrastructure investments.
In 2011, it is shocking to assess the degree to which Canada is falling behind the world. Where are our solar plants, wind turbine manufacturers, low-flow tidal turbine manufacturers?
Canada needs to take a sober second look at our energy policies and practices. A prosperous, principled and abundant future beckons, but only if we join together to form a national energy consensus that galvanizes our whole nation to become famous world-w
Focus on 'traditional' fossil fuels leaving Canada vulnerable in emerging global green economy.
Industry credits federal and provincial policies with fostering green economic development in rural Canada, but critics say funding and incentives don't equal a long-term transition strategy.

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