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Policy Briefing: The Oil Sands

Time to shift focus of government’s initiatives from big oil to renewable and conservation technologies.

All Members of Parliament should commit themselves to supporting the much-needed and greatly-delayed transition to a green economy powered by renewables and energy efficiency technologies. This transition should include putting a price on carbon.
Energy Minister Joe Oliver says oil sands 'a vital part of the Canadian economy,' and the regulations are 'among the most stringent in the world.'
Alberta's proposed stand alone Environmental Monitoring Commission and Royal Society of Canada research would help answer the question of whether we can responsibly develop the oil sands over the long term.
Our largest community, Fort McMurray, is widely perceived as a rough and tumble frontier town made up of transient oil workers, expensive accommodations and an industry that's given Canada a black eye internationally. That is simply not the case, and now'
Critics say the government is more committed to oil sands development than clean energy.
The Canadian oil sands have been growing in importance in the global energy market. They also play an increasingly important role as one of the driving forces behind the Canadian economy.
Recent study finds that regulatory frameworks fail to keep up with growth of the oil sands industry, critics call for regulations with teeth.
But environmental advocates say Canada needs a national energy strategy.

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