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Policy Briefing: Health
The World Health Organization considers France to have the best health outcomes from its universal system—yet its system consists of 24 per cent privatized services, writes Conservative health critic Marilyn Gladu. Photograph courtesy of Chris Sampson

Let’s have an adult conversation about how to improve Canadian health care

Canada needs a clearly laid-out strategy to address the silver tsunami and increasing costs of health care.
Opinion|Sean Speer
A federal intrusion that disrupts coverage for three-quarters of the population, requires tax hikes and spending cuts, and leads to less drug access hardly seems like a political winner. But neither is silence on the other side of the debate.
The patient needs to be heard, not simply seen.
News|Neil Moss
The pharmacare implementation advisory council will submit its final report to the health and finance ministers by the spring of 2019.
The ‘fill-the-gaps’ approach is mere code for more of the same: high prices and problems with access.
The colonial guardian-and-ward theory continues to permeate Canadian health policy when it comes to Indigenous peoples’ access.
News|Neil Moss
In surrogacy and fertility services, there’s always an exchange of money—just not to the surrogates and donors, says expert Dave Snow.
Opinion|Fabio Gomes
Of course not, in the same way nutrition labelling on the back of food packages doesn’t communicate what we need to know before buying food.
Evidence shows that this model of family practice leads to better care, better outcomes, lower health-care costs, and more satisfaction for providers and patients.
Our government devoted needed resources to boost mental health services, launched targeted initiatives to help vulnerable populations, is embracing technology, and leading the charge globally.
The bill is sponsored by Conservative MP Len Webber, who has championed the cause of organ donation and transplantation in his time in national and provincial legislatures.
In the fight to implement Vanessa’s Law, it comes down to Big Pharma vs. the health of Canadians.

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