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Policy Briefing: Aviation Policy Briefing

WestJet: I don’t recognize you

WestJet, starting out as a Southwest clone, has not become an Air Canada clone but has evolved into something substantially different than its great rival. But the story is not remotely finished—it is still in the midst of considerable additional change under its newish CEO.
We will need to hire 55,000 new workers, including 7,300 pilots and 5,300 new aircraft mechanics to keep up with the projected growth of the industry.
Consultations show the public and consumer advocates are at odds with the airline industry on many components of what soon-to-come air passenger protections may look like.
Opinion|John Gradek
While the CTA report on its consultations has yet to be published, there remains serious concerns about how effective these new standards will be in addressing the perception of a downward spiral of Canadian airline passenger service.
News|Neil Moss
By 2025, Canada may face a shortage of 3,000 pilots, which could double if Transport Canada adopts new flight crew fatigue regulations.
Until Canada exercises the political will necessary to make the major infrastructure investments required to provide alternative options for essential service transportation, air travel will continue to be the only year-long option available in many northern and remote communities.
Opinion|Michael Burt
The aviation industry has made significant commitments to reduce its environmental footprint, such as carbon neutral growth by 2020 and a 50 per cent reduction in GHG emissions by 2050. Achieving these commitments will require a multi-pronged approach.
As Canada's longest-standing independent regulator and tribunal, the CTA builds on strong foundations of experience and expertise, while bringing a commitment to engagement and agility to the delivery of its responsibilities in a rapidly-changing world.

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