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Policy Briefing: DEFENCE

Reviewing the bidding on Canadian-U.S. defence post election

Progress will depend on bilateral flexibility—and greater information flow that some will claim impinges privacy. At least, whatever Ottawa decides, it won't be driven by responding to Opposition charges that the government is selling Canadian birth
An unnecessary bruise upon the CF's reputation is the continued practice of deducting pain and suffering payments from injured veterans' reduced income under long-term disability.
Transitional years at DND emerging as a new test to his leadership.
But analysts argue today's peacekeeping requires direct intervention.
Critics speculate that incoming Associate Defence Minister will re-examine F-35 procurement.
The government's Canada First Defence Strategy and its immediate commitment to acquire major war-fighting and other support capabilities were impressive in scope and, for Canadians, breathtaking in implementation—at least until 2009.
Well-designed incremental changes to the New Veterans Charter and regulations can be an effective way of addressing emerging issues and the need for corrective adjustments, if done in a timely fashion, that is. Waiting another five years to bring about fu
Members of Veterans Review and Appeal Board sitting in tower in Charlottetown and 'make decisions that frustrate the living hell out of' Canada's veterans, says NDP MP and veterans advocate Peter Stoffer.
Canada's 20-year ambitious First Defence Strategy has some big ticket procurement plans.
The CF is also trying to improve retention among the more experienced members by considering initiating better career management and family support.

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