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Policy Briefing: ENVIRONMENT

PM Harper promises wildlife advisory panel, but environmentalists concerned it will make protecting endangered species more difficult

There are currently 631 species at risk in Canada, according to November 2010 data from the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada.
Environment Minister Peter Kent does not agree with the NRTEE's recommendation that Canada implement carbon pricing ahead of the U.S.
After five years of Prime Minister Stephen Harper being in power, I suspect I have run out of different ways to say that he doesn't care about climate change.
NDP incumbent Paul Dewar says the party is worried an agreement could create less stringent regulations for ensuring safety in food products.
Twenty-three stakeholder groups are currently working on an agreement that would set what the emissions standards will be and how they will be enforced.
Environment Minister Peter Kent says the Tories have a proven track record based on environmental regulation and stewardship. But critics say the Tories have been environmental laggards.
Environment Minister Peter Kent says Conservative government has 'made significant progress in a number of areas' including signing Copenhagen accord, new emissions standards for vehicles, and developing a plan to reduce GHG by 17 per cent below 2005 leve
Every day, on average, one oil spill is reported to the Canadian Coast Guard, but Environment Commissioner Scott Vaughan's recent report finds that the Coast Guard cannot accurately determine the number of spills that occur each year, their size, and thei

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