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Policy Briefing: AGRICULTURE

Ritz says feds want to open world markets to Canadian farmers

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says eight per cent of the GDP in Canada and some two million jobs are based in agriculture, but Canada needs to aggressively focus on opening up markets.
Minister of State for Agriculture Jean-Pierre Blackburn says there are four major problems young farmers in Canada face and wants to help change that.
Canada needs farm programs built by farmers for farmers, not Ottawa down.
The Bloc Québécois has fought countless battles for the agricultural community, and we will continue to be persistent and vigilant. Quebec's farmers can rest assured that agriculture will always be a priority for us.
Agriculture poised to be a real economic driver, particularly in rural communities, but agriculture stakeholders say they need strategic research and investments to make sure they capitalize on those opportunities.
Officially called the Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement, the government of Canada and provincial government representatives have been negotiating a free trade deal with the European Union for the last year. But critics call it 'NAFTA on steroids.

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