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Policy Briefing: INNOVATION

Clement wants to help transform Canada into a global leading innovator, but has some challenges

Industry Minister Tony Clement says he waiting for the Expert Review Panel on Research and Development's report before he makes his next moves.
Feds have spent $7.4-billion directly on R&D and have given up $3.5-billion in tax revenue under the Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit.
Canada has less venture capital, both foreign and domestic, available to businesses of all types than the U.S. when it comes to getting new inventions off the page and into the market.
But Minister of State for Science and Technology Gary Goodyear says, 'No government in the history of this country has supported science, scientists and technology more than this Conservative government.'
In short, there is a bit of a renaissance in current efforts to fill some holes in the knowledge galaxy where from time to time science collides with polity. As long as these remain open for public debate and rely on sound evidence, they should be support
NSERC recognizes its responsibility in helping Canada become more innovative. We play a key role in activities that involve strengthening ties between academia and business, providing people with the skills and talent they need to succeed, and attracting
Innovation takes leadership. And leaders succeed because they decide to act; discover client's needs; and do invest in and execute a strategic innovation plan. Canadian entrepreneurs who follow this credo of innovation are well-equipped to confront global
Efforts are already underway to forge a global network on women and innovation. Through this network, researchers will share their thoughts, and the evidence, about what helps women around the world become active participants in, and beneficiaries of, inn
Continuing to support a world-class, comprehensive, high-performance research environment—one that is open to companies pursuing their own knowledge needs—is certainly a key ingredient in creating a hotbed of commercialization in Canada.

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