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Policy Briefing: New Media & COPYRIGHT

Canada risks becoming a pirate nation, says Clement

Industry Minister Tony Clement, pictured, who is helping to stickhandle the controversial Copyright Modernization Act through the House, says if Canada is not au courant with copyright, then it runs the risk of being a 'pirate nation.'
Heritage Minister James Moore, one of two Cabinet ministers to stickhandle the Copyright Modernization Act through the House, says the feds want to move the ball forward on balancing copyright reform for both creators and consumers.
Updating Canada's copyright regime must be a central plank in Canada's innovation agenda. The Conservatives have a golden opportunity to 'get it right' when it comes to copyright.
There's still a divide among the political parties, but the Liberals have now outlined their roadmap for a Canadian copyright compromise, much of which bears a resemblance to public comments from NDP MP Charlie Angus.
Bill C-32 contains provisions that would expand access for the visually impaired. But Canada could do more to allow the international dissemination of accessible works.
In framing the debate in terms of a battle between the rights of copyright owners and those of consumers, critics run the risk of diverting attention from the fundamental rights of citizens.
Bloc MP Carole Lavallée says without amendments, the Modernization Copyright Act will be unbalanced and will favour large corporations at artists' expense.
The time has come to ensure that our artists and creators receive fair compensation for their work and that, in this digital era, our entrepreneurs' innovations are compensated.
With attention focused on the many challenges of adapting the newspaper business to an increasingly online and mobile world, it's easy to lose sight of the importance of maintaining the strength of a company's core product: its print newspaper.

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