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Policy Briefing: Rural & Urban Affairs

Gun registry has cost rural Canadians dearly: Breitkreuz

Rural Canadians who use firearms have taken a big hit, right in their pocketbooks
Proud of rural communities' contribution in building this nation
Cities PS John Godfrey says giving cities share of gas tax could result in a form of 'fiscal autonomy'
Infrastructure Minister Andy Scott says 10-year timeframe of $3-billion fund could be sliced in half
It's high time we caught up to the rest of world now, instead of sitting back and watching
'We must ensure all communities large and small are healthy and sustainable,' says Rey Pagtakhan
Since 1997, House has held more debates on agriculture than it has had on any other issue
Rural Canada still employs millions of Canadians, backbone of farming, forestry and fishing
Paul Martin could have done something when he was finance minister, but he chose not to act

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