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Policy Briefing: Natural Resources

‘There’s a nuclear renaissance,’ and Canada wants a piece of it, says Raitt

The International Energy Agency says for the world to meet climate targets, it needs to build more than 30 nuclear reactors a year and Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt says Canada wants a piece of it.
The Liberal Party believes that instead of selling off AECL at bargain-basement prices, the federal government should be looking at the establishment of a national nuclear laboratory at Chalk River.
Prime Minister cares only about oil company profits and the nuclear industry, to the detriment of the environment and the safety and security of the world's population.
When other world leaders, like Barack Obama, show the leadership to place a price on carbon, Canada's exports will suffer a penalty on world markets while countries that have invested in renewables will excel.
A new approach known as co-management of natural resources is an effective alternative in many circumstances for managing common resources sustainably and equitably.

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