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Policy Briefing: Health

Government won’t cuts health transfers in next budget, says Aglukkaq

Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq says the government's transfer money will grow by $1.4-billion to $25.-4 billion in 2010-11, and will reach more than $30-billion in 2013-2014.
Healthcare professionals fear federal deficit and bad economy could lead to repeat of cost-cutting 1990s
Canada needs a transformative approach to health if we are to achieve the health status for all Canadians that we can and should have.
Canada is not unique in experiencing a sustainability issue with regards to funding health care, but that is not an excuse to ignore the problem. One way or another, Canadians are going to have to find a way to pay for new treatments.
Lack of federal leadership on these key issues is nothing new. In June 2008, we wrote a dissenting report for the Statutory Parliamentary Review of The 10-year Plan to Strengthen Health Care.
Canada's public spending on drugs ranks 21st of 24 OECD industrialized countries. We have no coordinated national drug strategy to deal with this essential element of health care and drug coverage remains outside of our universal public insurance system.
Storing and sharing medical information electronically will deliver better care at a lower cost.
Health care innovation saves patients' lives and fuels our knowledge economy. It should not be left to chance funding.
If we want an honest, open debate on the healthcare system, ideas about what is and isn't 'Canadian' should be left at the door.
Immunization is generally thought to be the best and most cost-effective way to protect children from several life-threatening infectious diseases. Global immunization efforts save millions of lives every year, and new vaccines are being developed that pr
Two-tier care won't curb rising health costs, but a massive overhaul of the existing public system will.

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