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Policy Briefing: Environment

Feds need a national clean energy strategy, say critics

Renewable energy industry players say Ontario's Green Energy Act is stimulating development in a big way, while the federal government is doing virtually nothing to support clean energy.
Critics say Canada's federal government needs to step up with funding, regulations, and infrastructure improvements in order to compete with other jurisdictions
Environment Commissioner Scott Vaughan says projected emission reductions are overstated because the regulatory framework is still not in place.
We are a nation that takes pride in the gifts that nature has provided for us now and for generations to come.
The last time the federal government had a substantial federal water policy was 1987.
Unfortunately, the federal government's stubborn, ideological refusal to give up the energies of the past is further proof that Quebec, which is investing in the energies of tomorrow, will never be able to thrive as long as it is under the thumb of the fe
NTREE will explore how Canada is positioned for low-carbon performance and competitiveness through a first-ever G8 international benchmarking study and index.
The Harper government has declared Canada to be a clean-energy superpower. That clean-energy claim is undeserved.
'These buildings should be a demonstration project for the country. There's so much low-hanging fruit to be clipped, for improvement,' says Grit MP David McGuinty.

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