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Policy Briefing: Defence

Defence Minister MacKay calls rebuilding Forces a ‘monumental task’ and his biggest accomplishment

Defence Minister Peter MacKay is shifting his focus to the Navy, defends sluggish shipbuilding, and speaks about Canada's future role in war-torn Afghanistan.
Meet Lt.-Gen. Andrew Leslie, the man responsible for realizing the Canada First Defence Strategy, and for preparing Canada's Armed Forces for future missions.
But Defence Minister Peter MacKay says CFDS is a systematic and prudent investment in CF to build capability and capacity.
The defence of Canada itself should be the first priority of the Canadian Forces. Along with responding to natural disasters, providing aid to the civil authority and the provision of search and rescue services, this is the role of the military.
Now, on the verge of pulling our Forces out of Afghanistan, Canadians must again take up the debate about what we are willing and able to do, and how our military and humanitarian spirit can best be harnessed and most effectively deployed in this unfoldin
CCC's strategic position as an intermediary between Canadian companies and foreign buyers will continue to facilitate the dialogue between government and industries.

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