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Policy Briefing: Agriculture

Ritz says agriculture ‘backbone’ of Canadian economy

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says he's putting the farmers first, but critics say the federal government's doing little about the farm income crisis.
Canada's agriculture industry is competitive, but MPs say there are initiatives that can be taken to make the industry more competitive.
'It's unbelievable that we as a country don't have a national food policy in this country in 2010 and it's something that's desperately needed,' says Liberal MP Wayne Easter.
The recent global economic crisis has, and continues to have, a directly negative impact on our farmers.
Food sovereignty is a nation's right to choose its own agricultural orientations, the policies that define them and the means it considers most appropriate for implementing them.
People want all levels of government to come together in support of local food initiatives, and to ensure that our agriculture sector is sustainable.
Canadian-funded research is moving beyond the traditional 'stars' of food research to 'orphan crops' that have been too often overlooked, but are of vital importance to the world's poor.

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