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Policy Briefing: Green Energy & the Economy

Tories invested more than $10-billion to reduce GHGs: Paradis

NRCan Minister Christian Paradis says investments in clean energy is making Canada a 'global leader'
Federal government refusing to initiate substantive strategy or dialogue for a clean, sustainable energy future in Canada, says NDP MP Duncan.
Canada ranked 23rd of 44 countries in absolute green technology sales and 31st in sales as a percentage of GDP. Germany, Denmark and Brazil top international green players.
Total global green energy public subsidies totalled between $43-billion and $46-billion, compared to subsidies to fossil fuels pegged at $557-billion. That's 12 times more 'corporate welfare.'
If the federal government makes policy signals toward a green economy, industry will fill in the gap, say opposition MPs and stakeholders.
Canada's geography puts it in an enviable position as a producer of energy from both traditional and emerging sources.
Green jobs are knowledge, science and research based; they are often manufacturing jobs; and they inherently represent diversification from our traditional fossil fuel energy base. They're exactly the kind of jobs we want.
Conservatives guilty of 'cognitive dissidence' by pretending that environmentally-friendly policies would destroy economy, says top economist Jaccard

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