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Policy Briefing: Technology & Innovation

Clement says biggest challenge is boosting Canada’s performance in business innovation

Industry Minister Tony Clement says Canada stands in the middle of the pack when it comes to private industry adopting new technologies and innovative processes. He promises to change that.
Failure to meet international climate obligations means other nations are far ahead of us in developing the technology of tomorrow—technology that is essential to future economic efficiency and to restoring our environment and health.
Canada's research community is second to none when it comes to providing the new knowledge needed to fuel innovation. In tandem with the adoption of innovative business practices and a society that is open to new ways of doing things, they will help build
But the forest industry must have programs suited to its research and development needs.
Federal government should concentrate on how to help industry commercialize innovative products in its research and development funding review.
They're also wondering why the government isn't moving faster, given Canada is lagging on internet-related benchmarks.

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