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Policy Briefing: Aerospace

Clement’s top priority in aerospace: long-term competitiveness

Industry Minister Tony Clement says he's working to create an environment where 'innovation can flourish.'
'We're competitive now because we did the R&D five, 10 years ago. At some point that R&D will not be leading edge. So we need to do more,' says Aerospace Industries Association of Canada president Claude Lajeunesse.
While Quebec is doing well in terms of aerospace research and development, it is no thanks to support from Ottawa; far from it.
The non-strategy of successive Liberal and Conservative governments, which ignores the challenges of the industry has left Canadian aerospace at a considerable disadvantage.
While Canada is primed to be a player in future U.S. space plans and keen to get in on the anticipated increased international partnerships, other countries may be waiting in the wings.
The government will spend $9-billion to buy 65 F-35 jets to replace the aging F18 jets to be phased out of service by 2017.

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