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Policy Briefing: Canada’s North

Canada’s world-renowned ‘ice superhighway’ critical to N.W.T. economy

The seasonal ice road is critical to the economy of the region, contributing in excess of $1-billion to the economy of the N.W.T. More than $500-million a year in goods travel over the road to the diamond mines in Canada's remote North.
In the coming months, Canada's three territorial premiers will build on their vision for the North with the release of a pan-territorial strategy on climate change adaptation and an inventory of renewable energy initiatives.
The historic depth of Canadian Inuit occupancy of the Arctic Archipelago and their systematic land and sea ice use of the Northwest Passage should be considered in Canada's positions in debates and policies regarding sovereignty, economic development and
Effective management of the Arctic region requires combined information from all circumpolar nations in a form which can be easily used. An Arctic SDI would meet this requirement.
While I know that it is trite to say that jobs will cure all society's ills, I do believe that the enormous potential for mining in all three regions of Nunavut represents opportunities which can help ease this profound social problem and offer hope and o
To meet the challenges and opportunities of a changing North, the government has established a comprehensive strategy in four priority areas exercising Arctic sovereignty, protecting environmental heritage, promoting social and economic development, and i
Should Canada formally join forces with Russia to pursue our mutual national interests? In my view that makes a lot of sense.
The Inuvialuit, Gwich'in, Sahtu Dene, Akaitcho First Nations, Tlicho, Dehcho First Nations, and the Métis all have constitutionally protected rights which must be respected in any devolution agreement.
We are concerned about the essentially military approach being pursued by the Conservatives, which is quite likely to help increase tension in the Arctic.
We must ensure an adequate surveillance capability. We must be able to closely monitor and have the capability to intervene in any situation developing within our borders.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has focused the government's attention on Canada's Northern sovereignty in an unprecedented way, but paradoxically is not addressing climate change.
Doomed or destined for development in the near future, it's not likely the Mackenzie Valley pipeline will be off the federal government's radar any time soon.

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