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Policy Briefing: Energy

Industry observers say Paradis taking back-seat role on energy files

While energy industry observers say former environment minister Jim Prentice did what he could to move forward with a difficult portfolio, they are generally more critical of Natural Resources Minister Christian Paradis.
Canada is not yet an energy superpower. Becoming one will require more than just rapidly expanding the oil sands.
As policy-makers, we must recognize that a Canadian approach to energy security requires balancing our energy needs with the protection of our environment and the sustainability of our communities.
Clean-tech investment opportunities are leading financial market recovery around the world. This year, clean-tech investments have outpaced other sectors as the global economy recovers from recession.
As we move towards a low carbon economy, hydroelectricity will play a key role in our government's action to continue as a clean energy superpower.
Climate change is advancing and changing the landscape both literally and figuratively. An energy strategy for the future must be a climate change energy strategy or it will be obsolete the moment it is conceived.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government has touted Canada's aim to become a 'clean energy superpower,' but some energy industry observers question whether the government really wants to be a superpower.
As energy industry moves to extract oil and gas from more difficult places and renewable energy sources gain more market share, stakeholders say Canada needs a national energy strategy, now.

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