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Policy Briefing: Aviation
Around the world, airlines are working to manage a tricky-trade-off: fuel consumption versus flight time. To consume less fuel, the airplane has to go slower—but that means flying longer. Flying faster shortens the flight time, but the undesirable side effects are increased fuel consumption and a corresponding increase in emissions to the atmosphere. Photograph by Wikipedia

Managing the flights of the future

Our research on flight management systems (FMS) uses optimal control techniques to obtain analytic solutions for estimates of the flight speed, flight time and direct operating costs for all types of vehicles to minimize direct operating costs of an airline.
The CTA will do its part to ensure that these changes help make Canadians' air travel experience as uneventful, in the best sense of the word, as possible.
Although spending for the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority had plateaued in the previous two years, spending for the crown corporation that handles airport security is expected to increase to $824.9-million this fiscal year.
I suspect there will be a lot of talk about unelected Senators interfering with the will of the House when MPs begin to debate our amendments. They would do well to remember that these are not 'Senate amendments' per se—they are amendments that Canadian voters, taxpayers, and workers asked us to make on their behalf.
Bill-49, which was introduced in the House almost a year ago, passed the Senate on March 29 with amendments to 10 clauses.
'The majority of the proposed legislative changes, approximately 90 per cent, are amendments to the Canada Transportation Act,' wrote Transport Minister Marc Garneau about C-49.

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