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Policy Briefing: Health
Delivery of care is structured for a health-care professional to see as many patients as possible, in which the 'symptom' becomes the priority, not the patient, writes Dr. Mary Jane McCallum. Photograph courtesy of Conor Lawless

What’s needed to close the Indigenous health-care gap

As a dental health professional, I’ve seen very little positive change to health care for First Nations over 40 years.
'The status quo is not an option,' says the health minister in response to the review's findings.
In an exclusive interview, Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor weighs in on the results of an external review calling for several health agencies to be overhauled, as well as drug prices, seniors' care, and other hot topics.
Why it’s critical we use gender-transformative approaches for the health workforce in Canada.
Housing and improved home care are two of the areas proponents of a seniors' strategy want addressed, while some want a specific department and ministry for seniors' issues.
With a range of public drug plans already in existence, the federal government has a variety of models to choose from, including systems operating in B.C. and Quebec.
Opinion|Nadia Bhuiyan
Using principles from industrial engineering to reduce wait times for cancer patients is one small step towards relieving pressure on the patient, hospital—and on the family too.
While the 2018 budget did not include the funding for the CCS heart health initiative, I remain convinced it is a critical initiative moving forward to increase health system efficiencies.
New Democrats call on the federal government to launch an investigation into these firms’ role in fuelling Canada’s opioid problem.

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