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Policy Briefing: Infrastructure
From large-scale, transformational projects to smaller, localized undertakings, infrastructure has the power to 'revitalize, strengthen, and improve the everyday lives of all Canadians,' writes Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi. The Hill Times file photograph

Liberals’ ‘historic’ infrastructure plan helping communities become more prosperous and inclusive

'Since we formed government, I have approved more than 4100 projects across Canada. That’s more than four times as many projects as was approved by the previous Conservative government through their entire last mandate,' writes Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi.
The Liberals missed a prime opportunity to learn from a hiccup faced by the Conservatives in 2009 in getting infrastructure cash out the door quickly.
Data collection only stands to increase as cities become more technology-heavy, say experts, which is sparking privacy concerns.
Our bridges, roads and airports should not be seen as an opportunity to generate profit from taxpayers for Liberal corporate interests.
Opinion|Jenny Gerbasi
On so many outstanding issues, local governments should continue to be engaged—not as outsiders looking in, but as the heart of the nation-building process.
Opinion|Amin Hammad
Multi-purpose utility tunnels allow utilities to be relocated into tunnels that are specially designed to host them under the roads, providing protection and easy access to the utilities, and eliminating the need for excavation, writes Amin Hammad.
Opinion|Alex Boston
One of Canada’s biggest and most stubborn emissions sources is personal transportation. Appropriately, one of the biggest infrastructure envelopes is public transit.
'In addition to mismanaging infrastructure funds meant for improving provincial and municipal infrastructure, the Liberal government is also mismanaging its own federal infrastructure projects,' writes Conservative MP Michael Chong.
Opinion|Teresa Scassa
Even on this smaller scale, we need to be asking hard questions about privacy, data ownership and data sovereignty. There needs to be a plan, and it should be a plan built around the public interest rather than private profit.
'When I came [to Canada], the infrastructure that was available to me, such as recreational facilities, soccer fields, libraries, [the] public transit system, enabled me to succeed.'
'For the Yukon and Northwest Territories, and for Nunavut, you’re getting pretty significant GDP gains if we improve that quality of [infrastructure] transportation,' says report co-author Professor Kent Fellows.

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