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Policy Briefing: Agriculture
It is the same with eggs. A surplus of production over consumption in the U.S. has driven down the cost to unsustainable levels, for farmers at least, writes Bruce Muirhead. Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Supply management integral to a strong Canadian agricultural sector

Canadians prefer fresh, high-quality Canadian food to those commodities from the U.S. Food security and sovereignty is too important to be left to ideologues.
Stakeholders on all sides have proposed an arms-length advisory panel, a deputy ministers' committee, and even a new department as ways to overhaul the federal government's approach to food policy.
We are already witnessing how a trade war could affect the Canadian agri-food sector as Canadian pulse farmers are now bracing for some major trading headwinds with India.
The Liberals think C-49 will save the day, which is currently being studied by the Senate Transportation Committee. It's unclear when the omnibus bill, an overhaul of the Transportation Act and others, will be passed.
'With all of our trade agreements in place, our agriculture and food industry will have a competitive advantage in almost two-thirds of the global economy,' the agriculture minister told The Hill Times.

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