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Policy Briefing: Energy
The future of oil pipelines continues to loom heavily over political debates on energy policy in Canada. Photograph courtesy of TransCanada
Regional opposition are at the centre of concerns, but Trump's endorsement of high-polluting industries may throw a wrench at Ottawa's plans, says one pollster.
By driving innovation, improving environmental performance, restoring public confidence and advancing Indigenous partnerships, we can create the prosperity we all want while protecting the planet we all cherish, writes Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr.
There is a tremendous opportunity to transform Canadians’ views on energy decision-making from pessimism to optimism—but it’s going to take individual and collective action by all governments on the policy, planning and project fronts. Here’s to hoping they seize the opportunity.
Canada has long been renowned for its cutting-edge technologies. It’s time this government stepped up and showed the world that Canada will lead the way on the shift to a cleaner energy economy.
Kinder Morgan Canada recently appealed to the National Energy Board to speed up the municipal approval process in Burnaby, B.C., but as time goes on, the company says the project 'may become untenable for TM’s shareholders and lenders to proceed.'
The sector cautioned that the country's existing electricity infrastructure, which was largely built before the 1970s, is now reaching its expiry date and is in need of upgrades.

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