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Policy Briefing: University and College Research
NDP MP Kennedy Stewart, who is on leave as a professor at Simon Fraser University, applauds the fast-tracked visa program within the Global Talent Stream, but said the government needs to increase research funding as well. The Hill Times photograph by Shruti Shekar

Post-secondary advocacy groups praise Global Skills Strategy’s work permit exemptions

NDP MP and science critic Kennedy Stewart and Universities Canada's Paul Davidson say the visa fast-tracking increases Canada's ability to participate in international collaborations, but increased research funding must also play a role.
Denise Amyot, president and CEO of Colleges and Institutes Canada, says her members are only tapping into one-third of grant proposals because of the funding constraints within the College and Community Innovation Program currently under review by Treasury Board.
If funding regimes are restructured, a balance needs to be struck between them. Maximizing our potential starts with stronger coordination of research funding.
When our research community includes people from diverse backgrounds with unique experiences, knowledge, and perspectives, we are all one step closer to the next breakthrough idea or discovery.
Many recommendations from the recent fundamental science review are being ignored.
Student groups are becoming much more engaged in discussions that will affect their future.
Labs across Canada are humming with young people who are optimistic and motivated to create a future they want.
The research community is looking towards 2018's budget, the first since the publication of the Naylor report in April, as an indicator of whether the Liberals are serious about improving the state of research in Canada.

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