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Policy Briefing: The North
Dennis Patterson is a Conservative Senator for Nunavut. Photograph courtesy of Senator Dennis Patterson

Investing in the north is investing in Canada’s future

But we need to make sure that we are investing smartly and taking the voice of northerners into account.
Southern Canada often doesn't understand the Arctic because they do not live in the Arctic. They conceptualize it, visit it, even romanticize it through its art, but there are things you need to live to understand.
Nunavummiut looking for progress on steps to address mental health, suicide crisis, and food subsidy program.
The long-awaited road could improve quality of life for Northwest Territories residents.
The response presented to the House on Oct. 17 mostly discusses what the government is already doing and what funding they have already committed to.
MP Niki Ashton and a pair of university professors say Ottawa needs to step up its role in preserving Churchill's port and repairing its recently damaged rail line.
The people in Canada’s North put their faith in the Liberals, only to be disappointed.
You can book a flight or pick up groceries at these vital Arctic businesses.
On tackling climate change, who said northerners couldn’t lead?
The government released a report on the highly-criticized Nutrition North program about six months ago, but there has been no word regarding further actions.
The archival records of northern Canada need to be accessible to northern Canada.
A real push for reconciliation requires Indigenous people having political and economic self-determination.

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