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Policy Briefing: Aviation
WestJet and Air Canada, its plane pictured here, are among airline companies devoting resources to studying the suply of biojet fuels in Canada. Photo courtesy of Flickr

‘More likely to drive change than the carbon tax,’ advocates say clean fuel standard may lead to Canadian planes flying on biofuels

With no other way for the aviation industry to significantly cut their carbon emissions, airliners see biofuels as the only solution to meeting soon-to-come regulations on renewable fuels use.
It is important that Canada maintains strong policies in each of these three areas because no matter how good a reputation is, it can be ruined by just one incident.
To give Canadians a chance to have their say while ensuring that we move forward as quickly as possible, we will launch focused, intensive public consultations on Air Passenger Protection Regulations immediately after Bill C-49 receives Royal Assent, assuming it passes both houses of Parliament.
While modernizing the Transportation Act is important for all Canadians, the New Democrats believe that this omnibus bill sacrifices consumer rights in the interest of investors.
Opinion|Kathy Fox
The TSB does not comment on draft regulations, such as the current proposal for fatigue management in aviation. But we are generally supportive of Transport Canada when it takes steps intended to improve aviation safety. The Canadian public expects—and deserves—nothing less.
Airline industry group calls the new regulations cherry-picked science, pilots unions say it they don't go far enough, and aviation policy academic questions the science used to justify the government's proposed flight crew fatigue regulations.
New permanent rules proposed by Transport Canada, which forbid night flying and require mandatory education through testing, was called 'overly restrictive' by an advocate representing companies using drones for business.

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