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Policy Briefing: Finance
Although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, pictured here, is viewed as a champion of gender equality, some Conservative MPs and small business owners have criticized the proposed tax changes as especially hard for women. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Women doctors, entrepreneurs say proposed tax changes could make it hard for young professionals to go on maternity leave

Beverly Johnson, national president of the Federation of Medical Women in Canada, says the tax changes will force some women to have to choose between running a clinic and raising a family, and a Queen's University professor says income splitting can actually work against women.
Halfway through his mandate, the prime minister has dodged questions on if he plans to keep his campaign promise of balancing the budget by 2019.
The Liberals missed an opportunity to address all issues that undermine tax fairness in their summer consultation on income tax reform, after standing still on tax havens and CEO stock option loopholes.
What Liberals and business representatives think of the government’s response to criticism levelled against its small-business tax proposals.
Casting winners and losers in the realm of taxes and tax credits is harmful. Canadians and politicians should start looking at the broader picture of their role in society.
As we move forward, we will make sure lower taxes help the middle class, not help the wealthiest get a better deal.
In a Q&A with The Hill Times, Finance Minister Bill Morneau says tax reforms were prompted by a desire to lower the small business tax rate to nine per cent, as promised by the Liberals in the 2015 election campaign.
Strategists say this budget will be crafted with the 2019 election in mind, with a political focus on spending.
The government is looking to make housing affordable for everyone in the new strategy.

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