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Policy Briefing: Energy
Power lines running from the Bruce nuclear power generation station near Kincardine, Ont.

Nuclear safety regulator reviewing small modular reactor technology

Opinion|Ramzi Jammal
The intent is to provide this carbon-free emission technology to remote areas in Canada, where diesel or other fossil fuels are currently being used.
Canada must 'Walk the Line" in finding the right balance of taking advantage of our oil-and-gas resources and transitioning to a lower-carbon future.
A nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack has the potential to black out every power grid in the continental United States with one device.
As the Dene and others have declared, “water is life.”
Despite a growing natural gas market, other countries have been quicker to expand facilities.
Justin Trudeau is sending out signals that are discouraging investment in this country's oil-and-gas sector.
China’s shift toward clean energy looking promising for Canadian clean-tech producers.
Petronas' insistence that cancelling its LNG project was because of market factors was simply diplomatic talk.
Opinion|Bruce Hyer
Our climate targets remain the woefully inadequate Harper-era targets of limiting our GHG emissions to no more than 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.
Jim Carr says the Trudeau government's planned Generation Energy dialogue will give stock of where the country stands now and position Canada to 'maximize' future opportunities in an increasingly low-carbon world.

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