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Policy Briefing: Renewable Energy: 07-17-2017
Michael Mehta, a professor of geography and environmental studies at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops,  B.C., is the brains behind an ambitious project to turn the concrete road surface outside the school's Arts and Education Building into a solar voltaic pad capable of generating 8,000 watts of clean power. Image courtesy of the Solar Compass Project/YouTube

Solar Compass Project looks to transform Canada’s roadways

Professor Michael Mehta is heading the team which is set to transform a campus road into a solar array.
There is also huge potential in Canada for more efficient energy use and building construction. Efficiency is the best new fuel, and by reducing our energy needs, we make it easier to transition to renewable energy sources.
The proposed ‘near surface disposal facility’ at Chalk River nuclear site sparks petition to Canada's federal Auditor General Michael Ferguson.
Even as the importance of renewable energy grows, traditional energy sources will continue to constitute the largest component of our energy mix. Promoting clean technology investments in traditional energy will pay large environmental dividends.
The Canadian government must encourage increased local adoption and support of renewable energies if it hopes to translate global action on climate change into good-paying jobs, according to supporters of clean energy technologies.
Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr says investments by Ottawa and bold efforts to encourage the growth of clean energy technologies will put Canada on the path to become a powerhouse in the emerging low-carbon economy.

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