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Policy Briefing: Research and Innovation: 06-05-2017
Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains says the government's supercluster program is 'really about three words: jobs, jobs, jobs.' The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Liberals’ superclusters plan attracts interest from industry, skepticism from others

Industry advocates are applauding the Trudeau government for seeking out new ways to drive innovation in Canada, but a government watchdog says it likely won't work because governments aren't good at predicting economic trends.
After a record allotment in 2016, the Trudeau government is weathering criticism for keeping funding for the three major research granting councils flat in 2017.
The government needs to adequately plan in order to fully ensure that they are not building clusters without linking them to opportunity.
Opinion|Navdeep Bains
The superclusters initiative will transition Canada to a high-value economy that competes globally based on the most innovative solutions and a highly skilled work force. That’s how Canadians will develop the skills for the well-paying jobs of today and tomorrow.
Universities, both their administrations and their faculties, will need to come on board if we are to see real transformations in their innovative capacities and outputs.
'Innovation is and always has been part of our trades,' says construction union leader Bob Blakely.
In truth, the country needs the superclusters initiative to succeed. Other countries have already invested massively in research and innovation because they know that a lull today will mean a lag in the future. In this highly competitive environment, no one can afford to stand still. Canada knows this too.
Opinion|Paul Dufour
Deploying our knowledge assets for enhanced international partnerships in scholarship and research is our strong card to play in this troubling world.
How Canada’s Polytechnics are developing the talent for next generation infrastructure.
Whether doled out on superclusters, skills upgrading, or university research, Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains says the Trudeau government’s innovation investments are designed to create jobs.
An inclusive talent strategy for innovation must include polytechnics and colleges

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