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Policy Briefing: Territorial Development
The University of Calgary's Kent Fellows says a northern transportation corridor concept he co-developed hasn’t received any federal support, despite being backed by a Senate committee. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Northern corridor research has ‘merit,’ say Tory politicians who want to see Liberal support

News|Neil Moss
The Liberals' commitment to the North is being questioned as the Senate Banking Committee's recommendation to fund of research on a 7,000-km northern transportation system is unheeded.
Funding for energy security, and to reduce dependence on diesel fuel, were important inclusions in this year's federal budget.
Nunavut needs energy security, and then it can move towards more sustainable alternatives to diesel fuel.
Environmental destruction must be stopped and reversed, and indigenous knowledge can show us how.
The Trudeau government announced in this year's budget that it would earmark millions to help wean northern communities off diesel fuel but NDP MP Linda Duncan says it's not nearly enough to precipitate substantial changes.
Jobs and opportunity are vital to the people of the N.W.T., and its future.
The Liberals earmarked $300-million over 11 years for northern housing in this year's budget, but that's a lot less than what Nunavut asked for, and nothing will roll out until 2018-19. The feds, however, indicated money is already flowing north from last year's budget.
The current government's promised funding years down the line won't do much for the North today.
Conservative MP David Yurdiga says the Liberal government's infrastructure promise for rural and northern communities is 'seriously flawed' because it will be divided across the three northern territories and 10 provinces.
Infrastructure is the key to bringing living standards in the territory up to par with those in the rest of Canada.
Canada's government has yet to move on two major opportunities to boost territorial economies.

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