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Policy Briefing: Health: 05-08-2017

Opioid crisis in Canada: what are we waiting for?

It’s time to push past the stigma and finally treat addiction as a bona fide health issue. But that will only happen when we start addressing the overdose epidemic with the same determination that we would apply to any other national public health emergency.
'The opioid crisis affects all Canadians. It is devastating communities, taxing first responders and health-care facilities,' warns head of group representing Canadian doctors.
Health Minister Jane Philpott counters that the Liberals government believes 'strong collaboration and strong federal leadership' is necessary for all health-care initiatives.
Anti-smoking advocate says tobacco industry always invokes contraband market to argue against tougher regulations.
Feature|Denis Calnan
'We’re already seeing that some specific tasks in health care are quite possibly more amenable to being [done] by machines,' says McGill prof.
A universal pharmacare program could prevent disaster for many and help Canadians get access to the drugs they need. If the federal government is serious in their commitment to high quality healthcare, they will forego the damaging silence of their predecessors and work with the provinces and territories in implementing a universal pharmacare program for all Canadians.
CMA president Dr. Granger Avery said Canadians must be informed that smoking marijuana is not a 'benign activity.'
Approaching nearly two years in office, the federal Liberal government’s grand plan for the Canadian health-care system is beginning to take root.
Without any standardized way to measure performance and outcomes across the country, the opportunity to ensure equitable health for marginalized groups including indigenous populations and seniors will also remain difficult to achieve.

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