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Policy Briefing: Canada’s Aging Society
Bill C-277 provides a framework for palliative care in Canada including defining the services to be covered, training requirements for those providing different levels of care, and a plan to see consistent access across the country. Photograph courtesy of Pixabay

Palliative care framework: the right bill at the right time

Bill C-277, my private member’s bill, is up for third reading in the House this month.
While the 2017 budget listed seniors as a priority group that would benefit from the new national housing strategy, an advocate for federal pensioners warns it's 'short on specifics.'
'A cohesive plan envisioned for how we're going to approach seniors care...in our country, isn't there,' says Dr. Granger Avery, president of the Canadian Medical Association.
The government should form a national strategy to meet the needs of the growing population of older Canadians.
The rights of older persons should be established in international law at the United Nations.
Rising costs for senior citizens are making life difficult, something the government needs a serious plan to address.
'I can’t stress enough how critical it is having both those policies working in tandem,' Liberal MP Adam Vaughan says of the importance of the government's multibillion dollar home care pledge and promised national housing strategy for seniors.
A government watchdog group is accusing the Liberals of 'cynical politicking' by opting to lower the eligibility age for the old-age security pension despite warnings that changing demographics will make the benefits more costly.

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