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Policy Briefing: Aviation

Vox populi on aviation

What the industry advocates and experts have to say about the Canadian aviation sector.
The issue has come to the fore after a Sunwing pilot was found drunk in the cockpit of a plane before a flight. The Slovakian national was then taken off the plane.
There is absolutely no evidence of any advantage for Canadians if the governance model of Canadian airports changes.
Opinion|Marc Garneau
The new regime would establish clear standards for how passengers are to be treated in various situations, including cases of overbooking, delays, cancellations, long delays on the tarmac, or lost or damaged baggage.
Feature|Denis Calnan
'You get into a position where the firm becomes so politically important that it's almost like it's too big to fail.'
Months after unveiling plans for a national price on carbon, airliners still have no clarity on what price will be slapped on flights that cross provincial borders.
Budget 2017 continues to demonstrate that anything that can increase federal revenues will be considered.
Ultra-low-cost-carriers are poised to disrupt Canada's airline market, with WestJet the latest to indicate plans to enter this space.
Airliners and some airport operators, in addition to opposition parties, have come out against a prospective plan to sell off Canada's busiest airports.

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