Harris MacLeod

Harris MacLeod has been a reporter with The Hill Times since 2008. Before joining The Hill Times, he wrote a popular weekly lifestyle column for The Halifax Daily News, where he examined issues relevant to young people told through the prism of his own fabulous life.

In 2007, while living in Sweden, he was a columnist for Vertex magazine where he injected a saucy Canadian perspective into the often complacent Swedish media.

Harris, a longtime political junkie, is a dynamic reporter who writes about everything from the national media, to the environment, to breaking political news stories. He also hits the Parliament Hill and Ottawa party circuit each week for his widely-read column, “Party Central” and writes a blog for the website.

Originally from Cape Breton, N.S., Harris holds a bachelor of journalism honours from the University of King’s College, with a combined honours in international development studies from Dalhousie University.


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