Friday, Aug. 29, 2014
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Tories aim to push 'significant agenda' through House this fall

Government has 42 bills on the Order Paper. Copyright Act heats up this fall.

Long-gun registry issue a 'vote-getter among certain pockets,' says pollster

Pollster Nik Nanos says it could 'make or break individual seats' across the country for the NDP.

NDP MP Comartin predicts if long-gun registry scrapped it will be temporary

House vote on Sept. 22 is on concurrence motion on whether the bill should be allowed to proceed.

Massive omnibus budget bill shakes up Parliament

Opposition Senators warn government they're serious, 'it's the wrong way to do a budget bill.'

Senate 'rubber stamps' nine bills, massive omnibus budget bill up next

The Senate Finance Committee still wants to hear from a number of Cabinet ministers and will report back by July 9.

Senate to sit as long as it takes to pass budget bill

NDP critics say massive, 900-page omnibus budget Bill C-9 must be split.

Libs can't have it both ways on massive omnibus budget bill, say NDP

Government pushes 900-page sweeping budget bill through in days. Most Libs sit out House vote.

Cabinet minister should usher in long-gun registry changes, not a backbencher

NDP MP Joe Comartin calls it a 'farce in terms of democracy,' describes issue as highly emotional and House committee process as stressful.

MPs working on prorogation rules to restrict Prime Minister's control

If the House really wants to restrict the PM's use of prorogation, all parties should agree to a Parliamentary convention, say experts.

Bloc's motion on House seats defeated, promises to push issue again

Bloc House Leader Pierre Paquette says party has 'no choice' but to continue fight.

House seats bill could affect 19 Tory, 10 Grit ridings, and one NDP riding

Bill C-12 attempts to address under-representation in Ontario, Alberta, and B.C., the fastest growing provinces in Canada.

Government introduces only nine bills, opposition calls recalibrated session 'shallow'

NDP won't support any government move to revive bills at stage they were at in last session.

Poilievre says Elections Canada using money to 'awesomely lose' two court cases involving Tories

But opposition MPs defend the agency, describing it as a 'watchdog over democracy' and that it should not have to worry about its own funding.

Tories should move quickly to increase House seats, says NDP

Ontario, Alberta, B.C. to get 34 new seats

Parliament's budget boosted to $583,567,000 this year

Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page will get $2.8-million budget after high-profile national fight.

Feds to focus on economic recovery, all budget bills

Expect a 'bare bones' Speech from the Throne highlighting justice, electoral reforms, Canada-U.S. relations, a strong economy and innovation.

Feds to focus on tough-on-crime bills, fiscal responsibility, electoral reform

Government House Leader Jay Hill says the government's priorities will be to move the budget and economic issues through the House.

Tories to start legislative agenda, again

Former clerk says the Prime Minister didn't have to shut down Parliament for two months to get a majority on Senate committees.

Government calls legislative year a success, critics call it 'light'

PM Stephen Harper and his governing party are learning to master minority government, they're stronger now than when they entered it.


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Monday, September 1, 2014
Remembering Devon Jacobs Aug. 19, 2014

The Hill Times photo by Jake Wright

Devon Jacobs, right, with Monte Solberg and Jim Armour at the 2012 Manning Networking Conference.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Devon Jacobs with Liberal MP Scott Simms.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Devon Jacobs with former colleague Jim Patrick, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and Liberal MP Mauril Belanger at the 2013 all-party party.

The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Devon Jacobs, centre, with Conservative MPs (from left) Susan Truppe, Colin Carrie, Ted Opitz, Lynne Yelich and Eve Adams.